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Privacy Policy in our Web Hosting, is very concern about the security of all information handled. Following is our declaration and commitment of how we manage your information. Our Company and specially this website have agree to notify you:

1. What personal and indentifiable information from you and third parties are collecting from you trough our Website.

2. Companies that collect information.

3. How the information is used.

4. With who the information is shared.

5. What options we have available according with our collecting, use and distribution of that information.

6. What types of security procedures we have, to protect from losing, wrong use, or any change in the information under our control.

7. How you can change any error founded in the information.

If you think that this Company is not accomplish with all this privacy policies, please contact immediately with Oswaldo García Puyol, General Manager of OGC-HOST S.A., to the following address: email-, telephone/fax (506) 293-7519, P.O.Box 158-3006 Belen, Heredia, Costa Rica

Collecting and use of the Information

OGC-Host, is the only owner of all information collected in this website. We don't sell, share, rent or leasing this information to others and we just do that we are announcing with this declaration. Our Company collects information in different places in the website.

To be able to use our hosting service, and participate in our affiliate program, the user have to fill a form, where we ask for contact information (name, address, telephone, email address, city, country). This information is used to contact you later, for the hosting service collection or to send the commissions payment.

There are some ways to receive the affiliates payments and we will make the collection in the first week of each month, that's why we said that the service is free in the first month.

The way we have to collect the money are: Credit Cards, Paypal, Westerm Union.

If you're going to make your payment with credit cards, our website connects directly with 2CheckOut, they are the Company responsible to manage that step, so we never touch any sensitive information the you could give to the during that process (specially sensitive data as credit card number, value, etc.). That information is used from them, just with the payment purpose, with no involved from us for your security.

Each 15 of each month, we will send the commissions payments, to all affiliates that have to receive (if you have more than $25 as balance in your account). Payment will be doing by wire transfer (if the amount is more than $1,000).

Cookies are pieces of information that keeps in your computer and many websites use this to keep your username for example. Normally, the cookies are erased when the browser is canceled. In our case, we use that type of information, in order to let you information username in the visitants computer, in that way we can give you the bonus and a referrals to you, because if they visit your promotion web page, and they don't subscribe in that moment, if they go back into our website later, those referrals will be yours.

Historical File
We keep a historical file with information as websites use, for statistical purpose, but we don't have any chance to take any personal information from there.

The only way we can share our information could be for demographic information or so. This way, we won't have any connection to give any personal information with no one.

In the payment process, you give your information to 2CheckOut and we never keep any information for any purpose.

In some cases, you can go and visit other websites, you have to be aware about the privacy policy of those websites. We don't share any information with them in those cases either.

This website contain links with other websites. Please be aware that we, are not responsible of the privacy policies of those websites. So take that in consideration if you are going to give them any information. Please read their privacy policies from each website you visit and the information they will ask you. This privacy statement, applies just for the information collected in this website.

We have a Forum, to give the chance to receive support from us and you have to subscribe to that forum, to be able to participate and to maintain the necessary security.

Polls and Contests
Once in a while, we can ask you some information though a poll or a contest. Participation in those programs will not be forced and affiliates can take the option to don't participate in them. Polls will be used to improve our service. In contest cases, the information will be used to nominate the winners.

Refer to a friend
If a member wants to referrer a friend o knowing people, can use the web page we give for free, when everyone subscribe. We don't keep any information from people that visit our website if they don't subscribe.

This website, takes all necessary steps to protect the information of our affiliates. When the users send that information trough our website, their information is protected on-line and off-line.

We never keep information about credit cards, because we don't participate in that process and we know that 2CheckOut uses the best security software, to encrypt the information (SSL) to avoid any fraud possibility or unsaved use of the information.

Thus we use this security on-line, we do all is in our hands to protect the information off-line. All that information is just restricted to our offices. Just the responsible employees that needs to handle that information (to calculate the collecting information and commissions to pay for example), have access to that personal information. Our employees use password protection with the files they use. That way no one can access those files for any other reason.

Additionally, all our employees know and are updated about security tactics. Every time a new policy is added or changed, all them are notified and they are always aware of what they have to do to maintain security as a highest issue. Finally, in our hosting server, the information is kept in a save environment and even locked.

If you have any additional question about security in our hosting service and our affiliate program, send us an email to:

Special Offers
We send you two different types of messages. One is the welcome message to confirm you e-mail address and your name and other at the beginning of each month to members that has to pay our hosting service. But sometimes we will send you messages to let you know about a special offer or a new service.

Updated of our service and our website
When we make changes in our affiliate program or give you more services, we will send you an email to maintain you always updated with the program and service (of course, our forum it will be our first place to let you know those things)

Changing in your Personal Information
If your personal information change, or if you don't want our service anymore, we give you the way to change your information in your affiliate control panel. But if you want to terminate your participation, you have to send an email

How to get out of the program
Any person or company who wants to leave our affiliate program can do this at any time. Just send a message to Put as subject "Cancel" and we will eliminate all information we have from you. Just take in consideration that if you have money to be paid, payments are 15 of each month, so you have to wait until that date to receive you last check (if your account has more than $25).

Changes notification
If we make changes in our privacy policy, those changes will be placed in the main web page, in order to make all member aware about those changes. If we decide to change for example the way we have the members information (things in Internet changes very fast), we will let you know, that way you can decide if you want to continue with us or not.

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